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5 Reasons to Sanitize Your Home/Roof Using Pressure Washing
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5 Reasons to Sanitize Your Home/Roof Using Pressure Washing

Power Washing a House

Go take a walk outside your house. Take time to visually inspect the exterior parts of your valuable house. Then, ask yourself these questions: Do you see any kind of filth? Stains? Or dirt anywhere? Can you see mildews and molds forming and proliferating? Are you seeing any grime or debris build up? If so, it is definitely time for a clean up.

As a homeowner, it is key that you ensure proper, good maintenance of your house. It is paramount that you keep your house to tip-top shape by having routine maintenance. House maintenance does not stop at the interior, but also includes the exterior. After all, why would you choose to see something you have worked and strived hard for slowly degrade?

It is not uncommon to forget regularly scheduled maintenance for the exterior parts of the house, especially the roof and the siding. You could be also unaware of the fact that parts of the exterior should be also be cleaned, if you are a new homeowner. There are many ways of taking care of this, however, this one solution just blows every other solution out of the water, and that is power/pressure washing!

Power washing is a fantastic service. In power washing a house, or actually in general, it employs the use of a high-pressure water hose or spray, either heated or not, to wash any dirt, debris, grime, mold, filth, stain, mildew, etc., that built up over time! Couple that with the fact that it is extremely swift and efficient, it does not cost a lot because of the many competitive pricings, and that it comes with a myriad of benefits!

Still not convinced?

Here are five reasons to support the argument of using power washing to clean or wash ANYTHING in or out of your house!

1. Improves your house’s curb appeal

If you are planning to move and sell the house at some point in the future, this is definitely one of the reasons why pressure washing is necessary. Accumulation of the aforementioned materials above can and will cause the roof to look dirty, discolored, unappealing, and not epic. Look at it from the standpoint of a potential buyer; would you buy a house like that? Of course no! Washing all these materials away can greatly restore curb appeal and improve the visual aesthetic of your house!

2. House and roof longevity

Pressure washing can help to ensure that your house lives a long life and that it saves you money in the long run. As time flies by, debris, algae, mold, mildews, fungi, lichens, and dirt can slowly build up and cause discoloration and dirtiness. It can even cause the structures to slowly rot and weaken. If not checked up on in time regularly, these can cause you to replace your roof entirely!

3. Energy savings

A roof in poor condition can actually cause you to have higher energy bills! For example, if your roof is covered with algae, molds, lichens, mildews, or any dirt or grime, it can limit your roof’s potential to reflect the sun rays. Reflecting the sun rays are important because it keeps the attic and your house cooler, and thus, helping you to save on energy bills.

4. Prevent infestations and rotting

Infestations, such as the proliferation of molds and other fungi, can rapidly spread from anywhere on the exterior of your house to the inside, if action is not regularly taken. They can cause allergens and contaminants to get into your home and possibly affect people with asthma. They can also spread to the wood and weaken the internal structure, hence potentially causing you to replace a whole part of your house!

The deterioration of the roof shingles can also cause larger materials to fall, such as leaves, twigs, branches, and even insects and pests!

5. Future-proofing

The buildup of dirt, grime, or any kind of contaminant, plays a huge factor in whether a part of your house will soon need repairs in the future. This is because the buildup of these can weaken the internal structure of the part, thus rendering its protection and purpose limited, and causing you to have repairs for it.

Caveats: Pressure washing your roof must be done by a professional because high-pressurized water can cause actual damage to the roof shingles and limit its longevity and protection. Professional power washing companies usually use specialized hoses to wash the roof so that it is not compromised in any way!

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