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Driveways, since they take quite a lot of space are part of the first impressions of your house.

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A clean and polished driveway is fun to look at, of course. Especially if there is no speck of dust visible. The concrete made for driveways are generally porous, meaning they have tiny, tiny holes which absorbs moisture which is why stains are a common problem. Not to mention, the texture of driveways leads to accumulation of dirt, mold, moss and other biological elements in the crevices. So, don’t hesitate to get your driveway pressure washer hired!

Other problems include ground-in leaves, the everyday wear-and-tear, infuriating oil-spills and the list goes on and on. I know, pretty exhausting just by thinking about it, right?

Driveway Pressure Washer For You

Driveways are probably one of the places where they are prone to dirt and dust. Since vehicles tend to have their tires dirty almost all the time, driveways become dirty as well.

Lucky for you, we can do something to fix that. Introducing the driveway pressure washer services.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds. They clean your driveway, to remove all that dirt and dust will be cleaned with a pressure washer. Never heard of pressure washer services? You’re in luck because that will be tackled here.

Pressure Washing Service in Lubbock & Surrounding Areas

So, you need to clean a soiled concrete driveway, a great option to go for is hire a pressure washer service. They will do all the dirty work for you and for a fair price. Pressure washing services are ideal for cleaning different parts of your home, including, of course, a driveway. Since they use a pressure washer, the task can be done quickly and professionally.

Driveway pressure washing typically goes as such:

So, what they do is they wet the concrete first and allow it to dry for the meantime. Any nearby vegetation and plants should also be wet with water. If the concrete is colored or stamped, services go for a pressure washes, so the color will not be eliminated. They also test the surface compatibility in areas that are suspected to be damaged.

Check this out:

Power Washing a Driveway is Now Easier

First, they cover the stains and the dirt with absorbent materials such as sawdust and baking soda. Of course, this will only absorb on what is on the surface, to which services resort to using TSP or Trisodium phosphate.

TSP is used to clean oil off driveways and it is strongly alkaline which means it will not damage your concrete. Although, many services do not use TSP for it is harmful for the skin and the environment.

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Now lets continue. To restore the light color of concrete, homeowners clean with a bleach solution.

In many cases, services tend to use more environmental-friendly solutions that can get the job done flawlessly. Once the driveway is covered with solution, it will be left for a good five to seven minutes, however, the solution should not go dry. As much as possible, they work in fractions of the driveway to make it less difficult.

The Driveway Pressure Washer

We have expert pressure washers at our pressure washer company. Rest assure you will get the pressure washer service you deserve. About the driveway? The driveway is then rinsed afterwards with water at high pressure, along with any vegetation surrounding the driveway.

Generally, services such as that charge for a good 200 bucks which is a good price considering the work. Compared to others, this is the cheapest and I must say, it’s a great investment.

Want your driveway to get cleaned? Hit up a driveway pressure washing service now!