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Pressure cleaning is the usage of a high-pressure water spray, either hot water or not, as washers, to clean away any dirt, loose paint, debris, dust, fungi, grime, mold, or anything that could be advised as filth, from different surfaces and objects. We are here as your industrial power washers in Lubbock and surrounding areas.

Power washer services are used almost everywhere. In the commercial scale, it is used to clean properties such as apartments, stores, etcetera.

It can also be utilized in personal needs, such as home services. And, also in the industrial scale, where it typically targets and removes grease, heavy stains, dust, grime, and any filth from industrial machinaries, production facilities, and different structures.

Our Industrial Power Washers Services

An industrial power washers functions likewise to regular power washers, except that it has the add-on of super high-pressure water for truly deep cleaning, extended heating for even more attack through the hard filth, and increased gallons per minute to pump out more water. Overall, the premise is that it is a regular power washer but on steroids.

Industrial power washers use extremely high-pressure, heated water sprays for the industrial scale of things. An industrial power washing requires the right equipment, detergents, and training to successfully get into and clean the tough grease, grime, and filth that industrial settings easily accumulate, and so because of this, water pressure and gallons per minute on these are much higher when compared to commercial-scale or personal-scale pressure washers. To clean and disinfect your commercial properties, using pressure washers as a new way give you that fresh and neat look.

Why Industrial Power Washers, You Might Ask?

Well, if you work in an industry, you will see that most of the machineries, facilities, walls & ceilings, dumpsters, equipment, tanks, or anything widely used in an industry is easily dirtied because of all the heavy duty labor. Dirt, oil, grime, grease, stains, and pollution can buildup in and on these things, which can hinder their performance and effectivity.

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If not properly maintained enough, these things can be worn out entirely and have their uses and purposes completely diminished, rendering them useless, and the industry, in need of a replacement. Specifically applying the precise pressure and cleaning agents for each job, you always assured a clean result without a single damage to property

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Industrial Power Washers is a delicate job.

This is why we take our jobs very earnestly and professionally. Our team of professionals are guaranteed to have the skills to properly peruse a power washer to tackle the most rigorous of surfaces and the most hard-to-remove substances to get it done very swiftly and efficiently with no breaks at all. Our professionals are equipped with both the skills and experience to finish their jobs properly.

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We work under the premise that safety is always our number one priority at all times, and this is assured for every project we sign, and we ensure the client and the technician’s safety at all times. We provide our services to any industries around Lubbock, TX and Lubbock County area. Our quality services are proven by our satisfied customers’ reviews and responses. Give us a call or go to our website to get your free quote today.

Our Pressure Washing Services

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