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Your residential home should be the most relaxing place in the world. It is where you unwind with your family, play with your children and pets, or even have parties with all your friends. Of course, you want to keep it clean at all times, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for safety reasons as well. However, you might notice that your regular soft wash with a water hose and some soap doesn’t clean as thoroughly anymore.

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When that happens, you should hire a power wash house service instead, and Lubbock Pressure Washer is the best company for you that offers affordable and reliable pressure washing in Lubbock! We offer a wide variety of services, and all of them at affordable prices.

Power Wash House Services

After providing pressure washing services for several years, we at Pressure Washing Lubbock have already established a team of high-skilled professionals that are experts when it comes to pressure washing. We are simply a phone call away, and you can expect us to dispatch our tea over to your house immediately.

Specifically, here are some of the Residential Power Wash Services that we offer in Lubbock TX:

  • Roof Wash
  • Driveway Pressure Washer
  • Fence Power Washing
  • Vinyl Sidings Power Washing
  • Power Washing Deck
  • And Many More!

In fact, here are some good reasons why a Pressure Washer is your best choice for cleaning you property:

  • It can clean the toughest stains on any surface
  • Power washing cleans faster and more efficiently
  • Pressure washing doesn’t use harmful chemicals for cleaning
  • Pressure washing is a more affordable maintenance than other cleaning methods
  • Power washers are also effective primers for you fence and decks

Our Pressure Washing Service

We always strive to add new services and expand our reach to other areas, so be sure to visit our website at to stay up-to-date on the latest promos and services that we offer in your area.

Why Power Wash Your House

Power washing has already been around for several decades now, so it’s no question that they’re the most popular cleaning method for residential houses. Pressure wash cleaning has always been proven to be safe and effective, and here are other reasons for you to

Consider Hiring a Pressure Wash House Service as well:

  • Maintenance is more affordable if you use a pressure washer instead
  • Power washing is quicker and much more efficient
  • Power washing services do not use harmful chemicals like other cleaning methods
  • Pressure washing can clean the toughest stains and clean deeper than soft washing
  • Pressure washing is also easy to use, and is friendly for the environment

To know more about our pressure washing company, check the page here.

Our Power Washing Protocol

After providing power washing services for many years, we have established a proper protocol for pressure washing any type of surface. You can trust our team of professionals to handle any job safely and effectively. Specifically, our power wash cleaning protocol consists of the following:

  • Clean the area of any debris or furniture
  • Prepare the tools
  • Set the right nozzles and pressure
  • Rinse the surface with water
  • Apply soap (or skip this part if you don’t want to use soap)
  • Use the pressure washer to clean one section first before proceeding to the next one
  • Rinse off the other dirt
  • Drain the excess water properly
  • Apply primers or protective coating, depending on the surface
  • Clean up

Want To Know More About Our Pressure Washing Company?

Lubbock Pressure Washer provides pressure washing services in many places throughout Lubbock TX. Simply type “house power washing near me”, and you would immediately see our website as the top result. Whether you live near Texas Tech University or around The Depot District, we are only one phone call away.

To know more about us, simply call us at (806) 547-1155 for a free quote on our service, or you can check our website services page here. Our team would be happy to assist you from there.