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Power Washing Deck in Lubbock, Texas

Have you noticed that your deck is losing it’s natural color throughout the years? Or maybe the colors are now fading to gray because of the dirt and dust? This is only natural, because your deck faces all kinds of elements in the outdoors every day. However, when this happens, it means that it’s time to perform a power washing deck cleansing.

If you are looking for power washing deck services in Lubbock TX, then Pressure Washing Lubbock is the company for you! We offer many power washing services, and pressure washing deck is one of our specialties.

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Power Washing Deck Services

Many residential areas have decks in their properties, and pressure washing is the best method of cleansing them. They are much faster, more affordable, and more efficient than other clearing-up methods. With the use of our high-quality power washer machines, you can expect a better quality in the resulting quality of your deck.

Here are some of the signs you should look for in your deck to know that you need another pressure washing cleaning on it:

  • The paint is chipped away
  • The color of deck is fading
  • There are mosses and molds on your deck
  • Your deck is very slippery than usual

Why Hire a Deck Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washers only use two things to clean your deck: water and pressure. They are also easy to use, and our staff can easily handle our machines with expertise. Here are other reasons why you should hire a pressure washing service for cleansing your deck, and why we are your best choice for the job:

  • Cleaning is quicker and more efficient with power washing
  • Our team is equipped with the right tools for all types of jobs
  • Power washing is safer for your family and for the environment
  • Pressure washing can clean deeper than normal washing
  • Pressure washing is a great primer for your deck before staining
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Our Power Washing Protocol

After providing power washing services for many years, we have established a proper protocol for pressure washing any type of surface. You can trust our team of professionals to handle any job safely and effectively.

Specifically, our power wash cleaning protocol for decks consists of the following:

  • Clean the area of any debris or furniture
  • Prepare the tools
  • Set the right nozzles and pressure
  • Rinse the surface with water
  • Apply soap (or skip this part if you don’t want to use soap)
  • Use the pressure washer to clean one section first before proceeding to the next one
  • Rinse off the other dirt
  • Drain the excess water properly
  • Apply primers or protective coating, depending on the surface
  • Clean up

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Pressure Washer Lubbock provides pressure washing services in many places throughout Lubbock TX. Simply type “deck power washing near me”, and you would immediately see our website as the top result.

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