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The Best Power Washing in the City of Lubbock

Muck. Every homeowner knows it, and every homeowner hates it. No matter what we do, muck always find its way onto our property. It’s a chore to clean them, but if we don’t, the muck would only accumulate and thicken!

Moreover, the humid Texan weather are the perfect conditions for algae and mildew colonies to start, grow, and expand… on your walls! As if dealing with muck wasn’t enough, you have to deal with algae and mildew as well?

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We all know how long it takes to rinse those up, and it’s never even a guarantee that we got them off completely! You know what DOES guarantee a fresh property and algae/mildew-free walls? Power washing! Get rid of those soapy buckets of water, throw away that wet sponge, make way for one of the best cleaning methods in Lubbock!

Your Cleaning Chores Made Easier!

So what is power washing? Power washing is simple enough to understand: it’s a type of cleaning method that uses highly pressurized water to clean. It needs a pressure washing machine, nozzles (types vary depending on the situation), detergents (these are optional), and, of course, highly pressurized water!

Power washing is rather unique as it uses heated water in washing. Combine that with the punch pressurized water delivers and you got a super-effective method of getting rid of the muck blackening your driveway!

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Where Power Washing Shines

If utilized properly—and used in the right places—power washing can be the be-all-end-all of cleaning. There’s seriously not a lot of things power washing cannot clean. When you’re using power washing, you’ll never have to worry about:

  • Taking hours manually removing deeply rooted grime, dust, and dirt;
  • Removing an algae colony only to have it return a few days later;
  • Those dark stains that plague certain parts of your house ;
  • And so much more.
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The Risks of Power Washing

Of course, good things never come without risks. While power washing is good at cleaning a lot of things, it can’t be used for everything. The pressurized-water can deliver quite a punch, making thin and fragile surfaces like wood, glass, and furniture detrimental to power wash. Power washing can really only be applied to surfaces and property hard enough to withstand the high pressure and heat.

But the most important thing to take note is how dangerous power washing is to YOU. The highly pressurized water can reach up to 2500+ PSI, depending on the machine you’re using. That’s enough to blast a hole through your skin and cause some serious injury.

Power washing is not easy—otherwise there wouldn’t be professionals at it—and if you’re taking on power washing for the first time, it’s best to let an expert demonstrate it first.

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Why You Should Hire Pressure Washer Lubbock

Speaking of professionals and experts, you won’t find anybody better at power washing than the agents of Pressure Washer Lubbock! Our agents are trained for efficiency, effectivity, speed, and safety.

Work with us and we can promise you not only a state-of-the-art power washing job, but safety during work hours as well! The cost of this service is perfect even if your in a tight budget. Who says high-quality service should break your wallet, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Got a power washing task that needs to be done ASAP? Contact Lubbock Pressure Washer today!