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The Four Main Cleaning Services of Pressure Washer Lubbock

The pressurized method of washing has revolutionized how clean our property. It’s efficient, effective—both in terms of cost and time—and easily ranks as one of the best methods of cleaning that exists today. Pressure cleaning gets rid of dirt and grime no problem, no matter how deep its roots stretch. With the use of detergents, it can also get rid of algae and mildew colonies and prevent them from ever returning! Is there anything pressure washing CANNOT do?

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You’re in luck, Lubbock, Texas, because the future of cleaning is in your city! Pressure Washer Lubbock offers quality pressure cleaning to the city of Lubbock and the Texas state beyond! Here are the four main services we offer!

Pressure Washing

Say goodbye to your soap and scrub, because pressure washing is now in the spotlight! Pressure washing utilizes highly pressurized water to forcefully remove grime off of your property. It blasts water up to 2500+ PSI! That’s quite a punch. No dirt, no matter how thickly accumulated, could survive that! Its powered by a pressure washing machine and has different types of nozzles for every type of situation!

You’ll reap most of the benefits of pressure washing when you use it to clean:

  • building walls—may it be commercial or residential;
  • places with high foot traffic like staircases and sidewalks;
  • your car and other types of vehicles;
  • and so much more.
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One thing to note about pressure washing is that it’s not something for amateurs. Handle it improperly and you might end up damaging your property more than you clean it. But what makes it really dangerous is that it’s high water pressure can be the cause of injury. 2500+ PSI can easily break skin. This is why you need the agents of Pressure Washer Lubbock to handle things for you!

Power Washing

Now we move on to power washing. Many people ask: what makes it different from pressure washing? It is, indeed, quite similar to pressure washing on the surface as both methods use a pressure washing machine, detergents, and pressurized water.

The only difference they have is that power washing uses heated water which delivers a bigger punch. While the area of their application greatly similar to each other, Power washing is best used to clean:

  • Tough surfaces like stone and concrete;
  • Walls riddled with algae to prevent them from coming back;
  • Surfaces with extra thick accumulations of dirt and grime;
  • And so much more.

Driveway Cleaning

Imagine the amount of dirt your tires accumulate after riding across the City of Lubbock. Your car tires are a magnet for muck. Imagine what happens when your car drives into your garage at the end of the day.

Your pretty much bringing in a city’s worth of dirt into your driveway, and that’s every time you drive your car! You may not see it at first, but give it a few months and your driveway will start looking like coal. It’s not an easy feat to get that off.

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This is why power washing is the answer.

The great pressure power washing can release will easily get that dirt out of your driveway with ease! And with the help of the agents from Pressure Washer Lubbock, you’ll be operating on a driveway that looks brand new in no time!

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete may be solid, but it’s not indestructible. Concrete gets dirty easily, so our instinct is to, of course, clean it! But don’t power wash it so brazenly! If you don’t take care, you could end up damaging the concrete!

Instead of doing it on your own, why don’t you hire professional pressure washers like our pressure washing company? We’ve been power washing concrete for our customers for a very long time, and with our experience, you won’t have to worry about anything! All you need to do is leave it to us.

Now that you know our four main cleaning services, the only thing left to do is give us a call! If you need anything pressure cleaned, Lubbock Pressure Washer is your best bet.