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Property owners like you, whether you own a house, store, malls, apartments, or even warehouses, all share a common problem: cleaning. Those huge spaces full of all types of dirt, then there’s you, tired of looking at the once new-looking exterior now turned gray and moldy – it doesn’t sound motivating. At all.

You may think that the only way out is the ol’ water and soap technique that you can do yourself, but pressure washing can digress. Blasting those filth with just the right pressure and solution can be 10x better and quicker than the ordinary DIY, but you know what else could save you the time and efforts? Pressure washing companies.

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You know, people that are more knowledgeable in the best way to perform pressure washing, with the quality equipment and safety measures, and basically carrying all the weight on their shoulders. And also, a phone call and a quick consultation on your side. Good news for someone like you, right?

Our Pressure Washing Company

To know more about what we can power wash for you, or if you want to book a pressure washing service, you may call us or fill out the form in the button below.

The next step is surely finding which number to call, because you can’t just randomly choose a “pressure washing company near me” and cross your fingers that they’re going to do a good job. You need to be 100% sure that they’re exactly as you expect and more. Don’t worry though – when it comes to Lubbock, Texas, you can definitely find the best choice of pressure washing company for you because there are a handful trusted ones out there, such as these leading ones from the bunch:

Choose the Most Trusted Power Washing Company

5. Z-Man Pressure Washing

 Z-Man Pressure Washing Photo

Even though they haven’t been here for long, this local pressure washing company has already partnered with both small and large clients just to deliver their qualified power washing services and is even veteran owned and operated. Count on them to take in your needs as their main priority!

4. Raider Power Wash

Raider Power Wash photo

A power washing firm that’s also situated in Lubbock, they’ve been here for almost a decade, offering their services on residential, commercial, and industrial power washing while also striving to bring out the best results when it comes to your exteriors. Professionalism is a forte of theirs.

3. Pressure-Tek Exterior Services

Pressure-Tek Exterior Services photo

Another family-owned, decade-old pressure washing company that’s committed to delivering efficient and speedy services with their expertise on many types of pressure washing. Also, they’ve got their own team of reliable technicians that you can count on, as well as their available products and equipment.

2. Lubbock Pressure Washing

Lubbock Pressure Washing photo

Basically the same as the previous one, though they have a wider range of services for both residential and commercial needs and have their fair share of quality works. They also work with their integrity and professionalism, making them one of the reliable pressure washing in Lubbock out there.

1. Lubbock Pressure Washer

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A compilation of all the good qualities you’ve been wanting from your local power washing company? They’re here, alright.
We’re talking about efficiency, never leaving the clients hanging, and bringing out the best teams and equipment in every project that they handle. Because we know you want those filth gone and the brand-new look of your properties ASAP.

Not only are we certified to pressure wash almost every surface there is, but we do it with our quality standards in mind – expert teams, appropriate equipment, safety procedures, transparency with you, and an overall great experience for all the big and small clients that we have worked with.

You can even view some of our works and our reviews and ratings, just to give you that peace of mind. And while you’re at it, you can reach out to us right at this moment with our number! It’s a guaranteed success for you and the life of your properties, so why not give the best pressure washing company in Lubbock, TX a shot?


“How often should I be needing a pressure washing company?”

Getting a quality pressure washing service like ours will guarantee at least a year before you can even start thinking about it. Of course, it will still depend on how exposed the surface is to outside elements, but when a professional handled the work? Expect the wait to be longer.

“Will it cost me a foot and an arm?”

No! Our prices will depend on the area and what exactly we’ll be cleaning, as well as the power washing service you choose, but we’ve got the competitive range in the market, and you get free estimates with us!

“What can you do?”

Anything. From simple fences and furniture, to exterior house cleanings, washing driveways and sidewalks, heavy machineries with rust – the list goes on for us. We’ve got the experience and the equipment to solve your every problem.

“How do I know that working with you is safe?”

Apart from our licenses and testimonials, you are definitely safe and insured with us, accurately using the right products as to not damage any of your valuables when we work.

Some Areas We Serve for Pressure Cleaning Service

Laredo, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Plainview, Brownfield, Big Spring, Portales, Levelland, Lamesa & Snyder