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You won’t regret hiring our pressure washers because Lubbock Pressure Washer is the leading pressure washing company in Lubbock and surrounding areas. We are the best and most trusted power wash company that premiers both residential and commercial pressure wash services.

Serving areas in 79401, 79403, 79404, 79407, 79412, 79413, 79416 & 79424.

Suppose you’re living in Lubbock, Texas, owning either a house or any type of commercial building. Maybe you are, but who knows? Right now, there are other things to worry about, and that being the bothersome presence of dirt. Irremovable, even with how many times you wipe it down, sticking everywhere, from the walls to every corner and height.

Worse, maybe you’ve already encountered some of these:

  • Piles of dust and dirt accumulating on brick, tiled, or wooden parts of your house, like floors, windows, decks, and roofs.
  • Unknown stains and outgrowths on your walls and furniture
  • The graying color of your once bright buildings
  • Lines and marks on the concrete pavement, sidewalks, or driveways
  • Gutters, drains, pipes, and other unreachable corners that has accumulated grime and mold

Pressure Washer in Lubbock

Just, another round of headaches that a regular soap and garden hose has failed to solve.

But let’s switch to some bout of good news coming from none other than the pressure and power washing Lubbock experts: you don’t have to worry about dedicating a huge chunk of time and manual labor any longer, because the pressure washing business is in the house!

The Leading Pressure Washing Company

pressure washing Lubbock

Literally. We’ll bring quick and quality cleaning with our power washing services right at your doorstep, as long as there is any type of surface that needs an intense burst of soap and water, whether it’s made out of wood, metal, limestone, brick, concrete, or marble.

You typing out “pressure washing near me” won’t go in vain, because Pressure Washing Lubbock is here to live up to its name.

And not just power washing in Lubbock, TX, we service homeowners who need a good roof, window, and deck power washing, commercial building owners who wanted to pressure wash dirty awnings and graying limestone facades, and even those in the industrial field who’d wish for an expert pressure washing warehouse.

Basically, everyone who owns something, anywhere in Lubbock. At this point, it’s up to you to fill out the blanks with what kind of pressure washing service you need.

Our Edge as a Pressure Washers in Lubbock, Texas

Our edge as a pressure washer in Lubbock, TX?

Since Pressure Washing Lubbock has all been about accommodating our client’s needs, our quick and safe power washing power washing is definitely on the top of our list – who wouldn’t want to remove their annoyance as quickly as possible?

We focus on making sure to deliver efficient services by training our staff to properly handle the equipment and choose the best products depending on the surface that we’ll be cleaning for the safest route.

Our Pressure Washing Services

pressure washing Lubbock

The result? Instant customer satisfaction (and also the satisfying transformation as the pressure washer runs through the dirt-infested surface).

Clients big and small have trusted us throughout the years as their professional power washing company in Lubbock with guaranteed spotlessness and satisfaction, so why not add yourself to the list?

How? All you need to do is to whip up your phone and call our number. As simple as that. Let Lubbock Pressure Washer take care the rest.

Quick, Professional Pressure Washing Services in Lubbock, TX

Pressure Cleaning isn’t Just for our Cars and Furniture

The exterior parts of our buildings need a little washing up once in a while. That’s why Pressure Washing Lubbock has been providing a variety of excellent services that’s sure to meet your needs – in fact, you could simply call us and state your problem and we’ll be right there in a jiffy, with the right equipment at the right surface. We’ll pressure wash anything, some of which were commonly in demand with our clients, like the these:

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

It’s not surprising to find out that your roof became barely recognizable from all the outside pollutants exposed to it.

If you really want a complete, fresh look of your house exterior, then you definitely need a good pressure washing roof service once in a while. We’ll reach whatever height your roof is and make sure the tools wouldn’t be able to damage the surface of your roof.

Power Washing Deck

Outdoor decking made out of wood, stone, or tiles are mostly prone to molds, soil, and other outdoor elements, and could sneakily go to any hidden nook and corner.

Power washing your house deck could freshen up the look of the material and provide a long-lasting, clean effect. We have just the right training for wooden deck cleaning to avoid etches and other unwanted marks while pressure washing.

Power Wash House

Washing up the outside of your house is equally important as the interior, though very difficult on your own.

Hence, Power Washing Lubbock is willing to provide residential services for homeowners in Lubbock, like pressure washing your windows, the exterior walls of your house, fences, cars, house fronts, and even way over your sidewalks.

Driveways Pressure Washer

Driveway Pressure Washing

Soot, tire marks, and other marks and stains could easily taint something as heavily exposed as concrete pavements.

Colleges and Universities are very common in availing this power wash service. The foot traffic in their driveways are heavy thus more expose to dirt and more difficult to clean traditionally.

It may seem completely normal, but if you want to keep a clean image of your building, especially if you own a commercial one where people pass by frequently, then pressure washing the driveways or parking garage could go a long way.

Commercial Services

Commercial Power Washer

If you notice the color of your building starting to gray away, and your brick/concrete pathways turning 3x darker than before, then that’s a good sign that you probably need a commercial power washer as soon as possible.

Pressure Washing Lubbock can wash up any type of wall and sidewalk (e.g. limestones, wood, and bricks), and we might offer a bit of awning cleaning and gum removal, if you’d like.

Our fast and safe pressure washing services will benefit those who have a busy schedule and would like the life back in their buildings ASAP.

Industrial Services

industrial power wash

If you think that houses and stores are the extent of our services, then maybe think again.

Our upgraded equipment and licensed workforce could handle huge storage areas and heavy-duty equipment pressure washing to clean rust-prone surfaces and keep the environment of the operation areas smooth-flowing and clean. Power washing is our expertise. Lubbock you are in great hands.

Our Pressure Washing Service Area

We service every single location in Lubbock, Texas, if our name isn’t enough justification. Wherever you are, from Idalou to way over in Wolfforth, even if you’re just stopping by Lubbock Lake National, someone near Mae Simmons Park, or just casually visiting the famous Buddy Holly House and suddenly thought of pressure washing your house – our on-the-dot services are available 24/7 for those in need.

Lubbock has many historical buildings that may grow more delicate when not maintained properly. How was it possible for them to keep it maintained. Just like the Metro Tower, many establishments turn to power washing in giving their whole building a fresher look. Also, churches like St. Paul’s-on-the-plains Church needs proper power wash and cleaning services, where there is proper handling to the historic structure of the building. Cleaning and preventing extrinsic factors in affecting the physical condition of the building itself can help with avoiding destruction in the property.

Pressure Washing Lubbock services the 79401-79416, 79423, 79424, 79430, 79452, 79453, 79457, and other code areas, though, your exact address may very well be needed when you hire us. You may book your pressure washing service here.

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Why we’re the #1 Pressure Washing in Lubbock

When you decide to call our number and get in touch with us, you’ll instantly be getting these packaged qualities that comes with the free quote:

Reputation and Experience

pressure washing lubbock

Nothing beats the reassurance you’ll feel knowing that the people who will be handling the power washing knows their craft for years.

It’s perfectly fine to want only the best and expert treatment when it comes to your valuables, and that’s exactly what we do here in Pressure Washing Lubbock. Positive reviews, great client feedback, great ratings, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in our years of service.

Top Power Washing Service

power washing service

We’re confident when we say that Pressure Washing Lubbock can provide you with the quickest and most efficient power washing you’ve ever experienced.

May it be residential property or commercial, even industrial buildings, there is nothing our power wash can’t do. We have always been the local’s favorite, we take pride in that.

Our key is to constantly train our staff on how to properly handle our commercial grade equipment that is up to our standards, all while making sure the transaction, from the moment you booked your appointment to cleaning up the leftover dirt, goes smoothly. There is nothing like us in Lubbock.

Safe Pressure Washing

lubbock power washing

As much as we value the efficiency of our power washing business, we also treat your property like the prized possession that it is.

We always do our research on what quality products and equipment to use in different types of surfaces to ensure that not an etch or a mark interferes with the transformation from dust-colored to full of shine.

What Our Client Testimonials Say

pressure washing testimonials

Honestly, we’ve lost count on how many different property owners in Lubbock have reached out to Pressure Washing Lubbock for their deep cleansing needs.

Thousands of satisfied clients, both residents or company managers, have expressed their satisfaction on our customer service and, of course, how quick and efficient our transactions go.

Residents, managers, company owners, and chief engineers alike had their fair shares of ‘we weren’t disappointed’, ‘the service was surprisingly quick’, and ’10 out of 10 would recommend’. In short, guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Though you could still see for yourself, along with browsing through our previous works that we made from power washing houses to huge-scale projects.

Therefore, if you’re living in Lubbock and you want to experience our easy-to-work with, affordable, and speedy pressure washing services, then the answer is right in front of you. A phone call and a free quote is all you need to get yourself started.